GOP Trump anti-soul

GOP Trump anti-soul

The Trump GOP is anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-soul-of-things, anti-anything-any-fun, anti-the-beauty-of-the-glinting-sunlights-on-the-shifting-waters, anti-fun-and-frolic, anti-joy-at-life. It’s in error, is what it is.

Life is full of little ironies.

The United States is founded on the principle that with free and open discourse, limiting individual powers, and fair play, human beings can work together to find win-wins — that life does not need to be a desperate game of zero-sum “us versus them” power-hoarding.

The Trump GOP is founded on the principle that life is a fight with winners and losers, and that only suckers tell the truth, share power, or play fair — that everyone is always trying to crush the other guy, and that therefore th only practical human virtue is winning no matter what: “True” and “false”, and “good” and “evil” are grand ideas and have their place in parades and sermons, but when it comes down to real world actions, the only thing that matters is did you keep and maintain power, and did you put the other guys, the losers, in their place?

People came right up and asked Jesus what the most important commandment was, and he told them that he thought it was to love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul, and your neighbor as yourself. What does that look like in real life?

Jesus’s vision of what religion is supposed to be is not unique to Christianity. A dual motion into the Love that chooses everyone: inwardly to the Light shining through your own conscious moment; outwardly to the Light shining through everyone else’s conscious moment.

The central figure in Christianity told his followers what was most important; and it wasn’t winning, it wasn’t putting anybody in their place; nor was it a uniquely Jewish and/or Christian belief, ritual, or goal. Jesus said the most important commandment is to live in and through and for the Love that is enough for all and that cares for all — gives Its all for us all.

The Trump GOP is most fundamentally about the same old boring lies that might makes right, that “truth” is just something you say to get your way, that winning is the point of the game. The Trump GOP is hurting the soul of things. We the people of the United States of America can and should say “No” to this vision of life and country — together, with one gentle but firm and clear, one steady voice.

Freedom of speech, freedom from government reprisals for your speech, a free press, free elections in a democratic republic, freedom of religion, free markets. All of this is premised on a free people together seeking what is best for all through an atmosphere of open honest fair exchange — of ideas, of power, of goods. The United States’ core belief — the truth that we hold self-evident and that we implicitly find valuable and worth working for — is that we human-things are all created equal and have within us knowledge of our shared equality and of inborn rights — including, but not limited to, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The founding principle of the United States of America is that we humans win when we honor the spiritual Reality that we are all fundamentally the same, are all in this together, and do best by together seeking rules, norms, systems, and decisions that benefit us all. The core vision of the USA is one of “win-wins”, not of zero-sum “us versus them” / “winners versus losers”.

Donald Trump would have us believe there has to be winners and losers, and that only fools play by the rules, tell the truth, or otherwise risk losing, risk being the “loser”. Donald Trump is the bad guy in a cheesy teen 80s movie.

Jesus preached a message of serving each other, of sharing, of giving, of a tiny seed that grew into a giant tree where many could shelter, of a Kingdom where Love reigns here now and forever that we must enter here now and forever. Jesus said we are all in this together, bound in and through and for the Love shining through us all — all of us together.

“Us versus them” is neither “US American” nor “Christian”. “Might makes right” is neither “US American” nor “Christian”. “‘True’ and ‘false’ as weapons” is neither “US American” nor “Christian”.

Donald Trump’s GOP has confused the bathwater for the baby. It is bent over the tub, cooing and poking its doting fingers into muddy water; while with a foot in plush slippers (but hard cheap-plastic soles) it kicks at the baby to get out of the way — to stop interrupting with all its stupid baby needs.

Please, America, with a firm voice, all together, gentle by clear: “No”.

Look around, it’s not perfect, but it can get so much worse, and when have people ever had a better chance? Why don’t we relax and let ourselves win together? Why don’t we say No to Trump and the other conspiracy theorists standing strong and tall to save our souls from their own conspiracy theories and related poofs of smoke? Why don’t we work together to grow our shared insight? What is holding us back? What is the conjurer’s trick? What is the mote clouding our vision? A nation divided is a like a mind divided: it will not feel/think/act well. So how? How to forward? How to listen?

Author: BW
Editor: AW
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