Flashiness these days

Flashiness these days

He wore a leopard hide coat, had payments on that.
Platform boots with black patent leather tops.

He rocked a loose lipped wag–kept the women in scud.
Bow down daint–sweep’in longbrim marquis ‘cross the ground.

Goddamn plum velvet tight-leg pants.
Goddamn sweet violet ruffle-front shirt.

And not a paycheck behind.
Working nine to five.
right smooth as the jam.

I knew him,
when I’s just a lad.
I heard his
cool tumbledown talk.
I watched him
strut across the yard.
I knew him,
when I didn’t know.

Your block is well-lit on this sunshiny day.
You ride it–old arch-frame bike shake and sway.
You own it, ’cause your out to play.

But now you’re older and the time’s clip-clop.


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