Ethically Raised, Cruelly Slaughtered!

Ethically Raised, Cruelly Slaughtered!

You’ll feel great about how we treat our chickens in the coop!
And terrible about the evil tricks we play on them out back!
Join us for the ultimate emotional and moral experience as our contradictory practices pull your passions and self-conceptions every which way!
Are you “good” because you are compassionate and kind, and shop accordingly?
Or are you “good” because you’re tough, ruthless, too strong and worldly to mind the whimpering of a few hundred thousand cracked eggs?
Do you “love and wish the best for all living creatures”?
Or are you “here to get mine, and the rest can go in play”?
Do you go the extra mile for kindness’s sake, or to twist the knife in a little deeper while floating a bit higher above the squeals??
You can’t rightly say!
All you know is that, whatever the angle of approach: you’re not the average consumer!

[For use on poultry products. Because praising consumers for their benevolence only excites one portion of their egos.]

[This has been an anti-ad by B. Willard Ad-Destruction Services.
Ads are here to trick us. Anti-ads are the solemn reminder.]

Authors: B. Willard, A. Whistletown
Copyright: AMW

Do we have any good books for sale?
I don’t know.
No one can get through “First Loves”
No one has started “First Essays”
We think that “Superhero Novella” + “A Web Sampler” has got to be at least kind of good.
See the About our Books link for the exciting details.

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