Easy Pickings

Easy Pickings

If all you can think to do is scrunch up in a ball, what kind of a partner will you really be?

If you would fall in love with a sofa soft enough to sink into and with a tape recorder nearby looping “it’s OK, shhh, I love you” in a calm, electronic, female-frequency voice; how can you really get to know someone?

You’re easy pickings and that means you’re not ready to date.
But how could someone with seven tons of loneliness falling atop of them not be ready to date?
What else are they but ready to find someone, anyone?
Ah, there it goes again: anyone!

People need help. Systems slide apart. You could focus on things besides yourself.

No I can’t! I just can’t! Hold me! Understand my hurt and love me!

Tsk tsk. That’s not the way forward.

I don’t want to go forward. I want to stay here but held. Or no. That’s not quite. Never mi. I can’t say never mind. I can only say ne

Author: Ano Ny Mouse
Editor: BW
Tolerant Observer: AMW

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