Complaining about Jesus

Complaining about Jesus

I overheard some people complaining about Jesus on Good Friday of all days!

Well, I think Jesus is a bossy boots!

Yeah, and I don’t think he’s all he’s cracked up to be. I could’ve carried out his ministry, suffered under Pontius Pilate, been crucified, dead, and buried; and then risen up as the salvation and savior of all humanity — if I’d’ve started with all Jesus’s divine and mundane advantages!

Exactly! Talk about privilege! It’s not enough that he gets to be divine forever — no, on top of that, he comes down here, shows us all up, laughs off the very same death that none of us ever beat, and then jumps back up to heaven to lord it over all the rest of us for all eternity!

It’s not fair! Anyway, it’s easy to be nice when you got all the cards and you can’t lose because every hand’s a royal flush for you, and you know everybody else’s hands anyway, and in fact you help pick them — or something.

Jesus is cheating!



Please also consider how so many people don’t go to church on Good Friday but still get all dressed up and religious on Easter Sunday.
Fair weather friends! That’s what they are!

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