By the way

By the way

I can’t deal with this hurt.
It’s been going on too long.
There’s only so much I can bear up.
No one can do everything.

I can’t handle the hurt.
It’s not bigger than me,
but it adds up upon itself,
dogging me down year after year.

Please help me.

By the way,
I can’t do this forever.
I’m just another person
and this pain in my gut
has been wrapping ’round
my shoulders all along.

By the way,
I’ve reached my limit.
I guess no one can help
and this hurt through my heart
has to stay like this
eating at what I’d like to be.

Another poem about another hurt.
There’s surely nothing
added to the literature here.

By the way,
I don’t want Jesus to save my soul.
I want someone to understand
and hold me safe.
The weather is nice:
partly cloudy with a cool, rainy breeze.

Now the water is like the river
which mounts upon itself
swelling and overflowing the bank.
Now the god is like the singer
who sways with the melody
swelling and overflowing the room.

By the way,
it really hurts.

Author: BW/AW
Copyright: AMW

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