Brexit Two

Brexit Two

Majority rules best buffered by
Careers secured in status quo and thus bound
in slower, more clunking governance,
they trade for madcap the measured grind,
avoiding the worst.

The citizenry has a role: a stolid stand–
in lines we wait, on corners we chat and laugh,
inside we tuck up with book, TV, friend:
in varied poses holding forth for free;
we voting, watching, thinking folk
build groundswell knowledge here:
important job–some knowledges more true
than others, some better than others too.

BW/AMW 6/27/2016

Explanation for Brexit Poem

Not, dear ones, so much that I, vaunting the bounds,
Pretend that I know the bestest course for this land
Across the sea and paced apart from my native;
I merely think, with humble hand on gracious hip,
That choices great are best collaborated
between career ‘ticians and us of necessity
much distracted, and something removed workadays.
That, anyway, was the thought I had
And in verse voiced
To form a poem
One day ago

BW/AMW 6/28/2016; updated 6/29/2016

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