A poetry

A poetry

Dear God where can I find
a poetry that makes a difference
in me, in others, in us, in the world?
I’m asking you

Dear God how can I write
songs that turn the corner
words that staunch the bleeding
a poetry that helps all through?
I’m asking you

Dear God how can we forward
in this life in this time in this place
with what we are and how are shoulders tighten
as we drink
by ourselves
for no reason
we’ve given up
on life
on poetry
on the Beauty of the word
on the magic

Dear God what should I do?
I’m asking you to help me
stop wasting time
wasting sight
wasting Light
wasting might
wasting right
through day and night
going nowhere
spinning wheels
unable to heal
I would
you know
you know
there was a way

Dear God where are you?
and what is
the way forward?
where are we?
and what counts
for anything?

I’m sure we can agree
that this isn’t working
that this is dumb
that this is a waste
of life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness

So what do we do?
What do we do?
Me and you?
Because it’s like that, isn’t it?
You’re stuck to me and me to you
You’re caught in me and me and you
it’s like that, isn’t it?
So please talk to me
Please tell me
what do we do
how do we go forward?
I want to talk to her in a way that’s good
I don’t know if such a way exists
and I’ve no opportunity anyway
I can’t fix this
and it breaks what little was left
of my heart and song
what do I do?
What’s a poetry that helps?
What’s a way forward for me now
’cause I can’t live like this anymore

a poetry
to spring me from all these cages
in my mind
in my heart
in my past
in my pocketbook
in this world
where wisdom
has much to say
but little audience

should be wise
but not wise like I wish I was
but wise like fire
wise like Light
wise like energy
wise like laughter
wise like joy
wise like Love
wise like what exceeds me
and everybody
wise like God’s frolic
wise like God’s sorrow
wise like newborn eyes
opening in the first light

for poetry to work
it must go beyond the poet
for words to stand
they must go beyond language
I need your help, God
I need you on board
Fix me
Heal me
Turn me inside out
Let me leave the bottle and the excuses
help me leave what I can’t repair
and do what is Good with what I can find

Tell her please that I love her
and that I’m sorry I didn’t just say that
when I had the chance.

Tell her please that she’s a sweet girl
and I’m sorry I didn’t tell her
when we were there in the same place together.

And tell me
what I can do
to forward
in this generation
to foward
in this timeplace
to forward
in Beauty
in fun
in joy

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