A beef with God

A beef with God

So I say to You, Should I send this email?

And You say, Yes

And then I say, Are You sure?

And You say, Send it.

Then I say, OK, this right, right?

And You’re like, Yes.

But almost immediately it revealed itself to be a terrible idea!

So, I mean, what kind of divine guidance is this anyway?

Or what?

Am I just talking to myself here?

How can I know what to do if I ask my inner self and the God shining through all things, including that inner self, a very simple and straightforward Yay or Nay question, and I push out from within and feel no particular corruption, and then I get a sense of Yay or Nay, and I go through this process three times, and each time get the same response, and then I act on that action, and then it’s like actually a very bad idea, as I learn really soon after it’s much too late to stop — ?!?

How can I make decisions? I can’t use my own ideas and feelings, since I’m a mortal and my ideas and feelings are meaningless animal hoots and hollers unless founded upon the bedrock of divine wisdom. So then I try to connect my feeling and thinking to You, and — well, it didn’t go well! So what now? What kind of system for deciding things would work? And what about things already done?

What is going on here? I ask You.

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