What is Love? #2

What is Love? #2

All along, through the fire, long fingers blazing. Calls me out, cuts me down, turns me round. Who will stay.

It’s OK. Anyway.

I love you like when we’re just kids
running atop the badlands,
along the borders,
across the moor.

Stone walls picked from the fields.
Tall grasses fold over.
Dew-wet leather sneaks.
Pretty girl in stripes-on-white
Cotton dress.
Jack-knifed at the knee,
To while placid
By the stream.
Let her be,
Let it go,
As if!
With straw in mouth
Wide-brimmed hat
Shirtless tan
Denim overs overall
A handful of dandelions
Hang their heads
Out the huge
Central pouch.


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