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Standard Theory of Pure Love 1: The Prophets Retire

Standard Theory of Pure Love 1: The Prophets Retire

And looking down the ridge line, from Northtown to the sea,
They sigh and roll their shoulder caps, a swanning at the sky

The stars quick flicker white and cold, their gods in stories told
eyes tall and wide with sparkles shameless–mirrors of the flame.

“Enough, we’ll unenlist ourselves of this our then-time sacred charge:
No calling can outcall the comm’nest call of all:
To speak no more nor less than through us turns the wheel
and jointly rounds us one and all to God’s wide meet-up field.”

A nod as one–but relaxed, with placid pouted lip.
Then off-slough their burlap robes, the cowls fall’in first.
And dressed like you or me, in street clothes of the day,
they sally to their other-handed, uni-hearted ways.

“A time when many kinda know, and when the knowing’s out there;
when word travels fast as light, around the bend and back again,
reverbing, growing tight.”

“No more the solitary saint, some one who keeps the key.
That system bound by dogma, in bent-up storylines.
Its strength allegiance; its weakness just the same.
So now we’ll talk together, each sharing praise and blame.”

Author: Bartleby Willard
Copyright: Andy Watson

What is this?
Well, it has to do with Love at a Reasonable Price.
The first section of that evolving ebook starts with two stories from the town of Pine, Michigan–where Ichabod the Love Peddler appeared over a century ago, and where there now stands a Pure Love Research Center (at the University of Pine). At the end of the second story, a Pure Love researcher says, “To understand Charles’ and I’s research, you have to be at least somewhat acquainted with the standard model of Pure Love.”
So that seems to call for a standard model or standard theory of Pure Love–similar to how there is one a standard model for physics: a set of principles and findings that just about all practicing physicists agree on. But we’ve been having our troubles writing a standard theory of Pure Love. So now we’re just writing poems around the topic, hoping to perhaps eventually sink in at an appropriate place. So far these “standard model” poems are all free (so far all poems are free: see “Poems” category on the right hand side to see them all). These poems and all other writings in Love at a Reasonable Price are listed and linked-to here:
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