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The Wisdom Is Attainable Text Messages

The Wisdom Is Attainable Text Messages

The Wisdom Is Attainable Text Messages:

The “True Good” (not so much that concept; more the inner sense of things to which that concept imperfectly but not therefore necessarily meaninglessly points towards; most towards what that inner sense of things can itself imperfectly but not therefore meaninglessly interact with) exists and is within each person’s conscious experience at a place prior to (but shining through) ideas, feelings and notions. These other elements of conscious experience can relate poetically but not literally to the TG, which should never be confused with ideas and feelings about the TG (that’s the error of a literal understanding of the TG). (Poetic = Not perfectly clear, concise, or verifiable (like math is), but not therefore inadequately p, c, or v.)

Ideas, feelings, and thought-tools like language can relate imperfectly but still meaningfully to the TG—similar to how words can relate imperfectly but still meaningfully to feelings, making it possible for humans to meaningfully think and speak about feelings. Just as you can relate your ideas and feelings to one another better (ie: with more mutual understanding between these two aspects of thought) by thinking and feeling aware, clear, honest, kind, generous, joyful, open-hearted/minded; you can relate your ideas and feelings to the TG shining through each conscious moment by thinking and feeling aware … open-hearted/-minded. Not only that: but as you get better at listening, the TG will help you to think and feel more aware … open-hearted/-minded.

Result: wisdom is possible because an aspect of your conscious experience is both Reality and Knowledge and thus has the stamp of !Truth! within It, and the other aspects of our conscious moment can relate meaningfully, though not perfectly to It. Wisdom is self-critical, aware of its limits and cautious not to overstep itself; while also constantly seeking to better itself—all this wisdom pursues for the sake of everyone and the Light that is common to us all.

Wisdom will never fit perfectly into dogmas, but some dogmas point better towards the TG than other dogmas. The path of wisdom is to coordinate your various aspects of conscious experience better and better so your thought-as-a-whole (ideas [including dogmas], feelings and TG all working together) understands and follows the TG better and better (ie: ideas and feelings are led better and better by the TG).

The path to more progress is also the seed of any progress: Our inner sense of and preference for awareness, clarity, and honesty in thought, for “truer”, “better”, “kinder”, “more loved and loving”, for “what is really best for me and others”, for competent giving joy. To the degree you doubt the reality or preeminence of any of these goods, your thought doubts what it cannot do without and so makes no sense to itself. But blind faith in the Truth of your ideas and feelings is faith without insight and thus misplaced and misleading faith. Therefore the path to more progress is to work everyday to better and better understand that and in what way it is “True” and “Good” that one should think aware, clear, honest, kind, loving, selfless, everybody-wins. We must all keep pedaling.

[This textable philosophical serenade was taken from the “Theories of Purest Love” section of “Love at a Reasonable Price Volume One: First Loves”]