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The Structure of Human Thought & Purpose of Human Life

The Structure of Human Thought & Purpose of Human Life

A human conscious moment is structured something like this:

It starts out with soullight (aka: the Light; God; Buddha Nature; the Something Deeper, etc.)
Then (perhaps via some shading from a universal spirit into a more localized spiritual energy) feelings, vague notions and ideas.
Then the world outside and other people.
And of course the Light shines through all things; so it is not just at the beginning of each conscious moment, it is also all through everything, including every other aspect of consciousness.

Our task is to fill all aspects of our conscious moment with brightest awareness, creating and maintaining a coherent whole: to translate the spiritual into everyday life by letting soullight overwhelm and lead our bodies and minds.

The greatest commandment is to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul, and your neighbor (ie: everyone) as yourself”. In this way you see things as they really are: the point is that kind joy glowing through you, and that raison d’ĂȘtre shines through through everyone’s conscious moment: we are all bound together in and through the Light.

An artist’s work should be a meditation on the whole space of human consciousness; from the spirit out, through ideas and feelings and into words and deeds. Everyone’s work should be getting better and better at understanding that and in what way it is true to say: “Love is all: we are all in this together: clear honest accurate joyful effective kindness is the way, and anything that prevents clear honest joyful effective kindness is an error.” In this way we can get better and better at letting the Light within (which alone knows what’s what) guide our feeling, thinking, and acting.

Authors: Oh the many, the throngs, tattered and worn

[Cataloger’s Notes:
Theory of human consciousness: /explanation of consciousness/
“Divine through feelings, notions, and ideas, out into words, deeds, world and others, back into Divine” theory of human consciousness: /divine through feels and ideas out into actions/
Theory of the meaning of life: /meaning of life/
“translate the spiritual into life” theory of the meaning of life: /translate spiritual into life/
“let the spiritual guide your feelings, ideas, words and deeds” theory of the meaning of life: /spiritual should rule/
Greatest Commandment explanation: /Greatest Commandment/
“see things as they really are” explanation of Greatest Commandment: /see things as they really are/ & /gc = see things as they really are/
Theory of artist’s job: /purpose of art/
“meditation on whole space of human consciousness” theory of artists job: /art = meditation on whole moment/
Theory of meaning of life: /meaning of life/
“find a way to understand that and in what way it is true to say ‘Love is all'” theory of meaning of life: /prove to self that and how/ & /prove to self that and how ‘Love is All’]

[Anthologists Notes:
Pretty readable, short, no real proofs or reasonings.
The piece attempts to sketch out the human conscious experience. It invites the reader to observe their own conscious experience and see if they can map the sketch onto their own experience. From there, the reader can also see if the conclusions about what one should do with that conscious experience follow. How can they see if they follow? Again, the essay lets them try the sketch on over their own conscious moment and see where all and how well it seems to them to fit.
This could go in sections like: “experiential proofs”; “/sketches of Reality to try on/ and contemplate”; “theories of consciousness”; etc]