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wisdom meme

wisdom meme

I love you.

By accident I caught a glimpse
of your smile
as it shone out your heart and into the wider world where we —
hollowed-out corpses for a moment animated by the Light of Godbreath —

Life is like that.
Dead bodies stitched together by the miracle
just long enough to stroll together
through the park in spring.

God is giggling.
We call this giggle creation.

Turn us, God, inside out.
Let us, we pray, become the Light that shines inside and outside —
that there no longer be a space between inner and outer Light:
turn us inside out; explode the Light into and out of
this shell of mind/heart/body,
this corpse of a clickity-clack dancing, hard-shelled beetle

Help us to hear
one another,
and the gentle joy
misting through everything,
empty of anything like “inside” and “outside” of “me”

How do we all together accept the gentle careful relentless loving kindness,
without which none of what we feel, think, say or do means anything to any of us,
and with which
everything we feel, think, say, and do
a way forward
for us all
alone and all together
now and forever

How do we giggle along with God?

Author/Editor: BW/AW
Copyright: AM Watson