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A Belief in Goodness

A Belief in Goodness

Dear God,

Please give us Goodness. How hard it is for us to believe in Goodness! What if Goodness is real? What if this life really is most fundamentally for sharing kind joy? How great! But also scary. Because it would mean we have to put loving compassion ahead of our longings to look out for ourselves and those closest to us. It does not mean we should not look out for ourselves and those closest to us, just that we need to relax that goal and open ourselves up to a higher one. But what if the higher one isn’t even there? Or what if we misunderstand the higher goal and so end up hurting ourselves and those we’re closest to for no good reason? What is the faith from which we must begin? That Goodness will harm no one? It’s not supposed to. It is supposed to be infinitely kind. But how much time, energy, and wealth does Goodness really want me to give away? And in what form am I to make this sacrifice? I guess calling it a sacrifice only shows that I’ve no real insight into Goodness, since all Goodness is trying to do is create lives that we can stand. As we lie dying, what must we have accomplished in order to know we made a decent effort?

Please give us Goodness. Please guide us well. Please keep us safely folded within the Light. Please help us to have whole being insight into how it is True that our top priorities should be to love the Goodness shining through all things and ourselves and everyone else with all our being. Please center our ideas and feelings around that Goodness meaningfully, and help us to keep improving the way we relate ideas, feelings, words and deeds to Goodness. Please help us to understand the Love that transcends ideas and feelings, that is prior to them, that is of God. Please keep us within kindness, within Joy.


All Your Children Here
in this ragged fire
where we learn the faith
that heals the soul
so when we die its fine because we’ve learned to see the Light even when blindfolded by ideas, feelings, and other illusions that can either be fun and beautiful or ugly and destructive–depending on how we relate to them. They’re for the Light to play and laugh within, not to smother the Light in boring lies. Right? If it is right, help us to more and more whole being insight into how it is True and how its Truth should move us through this life. If it is not right, there is no Truth that means anything to human beings, and so we’ll never know anything since as we try to know what is meaningless to us, our brains and hearts turn off and we know nothing, peeling out into the chaos of blah blah blah

Author: Something Deeperist Committee, 2017 Convention

Copyright: AW