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slant wisdom meme

slant wisdom meme

Of woman born and formed to stride the waves
so rugged. Driven, chanced or fated, he
would find on naked shore his native babe.
What holy glue of youth’s passion in sweat
would bind two souls in clarifying Love?
What rights two hearts when wisdom they forget?
What laces him, dissolving push and shove,
in her — madcap gobbled, but now fully loved?
A worm he carried, house to newfound home.
When down it dug into her flesh it shoved
her underground. So he wept all alone
upon the virgin sands he’d made his own.

What crime is pacing this distant line of surf?
Kind joy melts meanness wherever it lurks,
but rash hands thoughtless leap past Love to love,
and men find always the violence they seek.
Look ye God, look please down from up above.
Please catch and burn that in us that’s cruel and weak
with the Love that chooses everyone
and works through ’til everything is done,
’til every mind heart and soul is won.

But never mind
Old alligator
Yellow eyes disappear
Again he slowly sinks
‘neath dark still waters,
too hungry to think
or feel. He will bother
us only so long as we believe he’s right —
that Love is less than love
and kindness a false and silly light


Is this any kind of a wisdom meme at all?
We have our doubts
and the ferryman shouts
come down to the dock
’tis but a short walk
to the other side
as now so low the tide
in no time I’ll take you home
where God with souls can roam
My body is a skeleton
but my heart beats true as ever
I’m sure you’ve felt me in
your bones when try you tell her
what you cannot say nor be
So come, sheathe your soul in me.

Author: Bartelby Willard
Editor: Amble Whistletown
Copyright: Andy Watson
Explanation: Little to none