Intro to Diary of an Adamant Seducer

Intro to Diary of an Adamant Seducer

You’ve heard it said that “Love at a Reasonable Price” includes stories about the mythic melting time when Wandering Albatross Press and the planet earth and yestertime’s New York City together coalesced out of the primordial fog.” But what about the current situation? What are the employees of the world’s highest, longest, and most gently soaring publishing house up to nowadays? So asked the many; and the many were answered:

“Diary of an Adamant Seducer”! A book about the Wandering Albatross Press and its inhabitants, here listed:

Tom Watson and Andrew Cleary (eternal founders); Kent Watson (logistics, inventions, carefully-worded concerns of wobbly middlemanagement); Andy Watson (sailor and mother-worrier; occasional editor); and Bartleby Willard (fictional being; real author; celebrated Something Deeperist).


OK, so this project is waiting for a readership, or something. Below you can see the first piece of what may yet come to be. I think I’ll put up a sign-up sheet soon, but in the meantime, you could inquire at

Biographical 1: Salesmen Pouting in the Hall of the Mountain King [free]

This site is the work of Bartleby Willard, fictional person. All is copyrighted by his editor Andy Watson.