Wordsmithing Services

Wordsmithing Services

Posted September 12, 2020:

We’ve decided to start an editing, writing and (German to English) translation business.

It’s off to a slow start.
So far we’ve edited some political adds for Strother Nuckels Strategies. And we revised their Precision Targeting page.
And we’ve been brushing up on our German.

The problem is that we feel like right now we should focus on this election. Because we’re worried about democracy dying, and the destruction of the planet through climate change or (better yet) nuclear war, and all that.

But if you’re looking for a copy editor, or maybe even a copy writer or a German-to-English translator, you could write us at Editor@PureLoveShop.com

We’re versed in grammar, punctuation, AP, and Chicago. And we can also help you tighten your prose, if need and desire be.
Consultations and the first hour are free.
We need to reach at least $55/hr to make the enterprise sustainable, but for now we’re still warming up, so our rate would be lower.

Today is September 12, 2020. There’s a world-historical election looming. So we’re not sure how much editing we should be doing.

But anyway, that’s the business we’re starting.