Let it be
all these old songs
you can’t reach
Let them go
all those promises
you won’t keep
Let them die
all mysterious
in the dark

Your truths are hollow
but your path is ripe rich
Your love is empty
but your heart’s full bright
A panther stalks
her cage
A tiger breaks
his chains
No one cares to say
where the water goes
or how the pain glows
Never you mind
these are sins
that never can mind
what we play we mind

Trying to meet someone
Trying to be someone
Trying to care
Trying to stand
Trying to know
and be known

Different drizzles
Various positions
thwack at odd angles
into tall thick grasses
Two ones choose the other one
Two ones opt to join
Reasons are dropped
for the unargued unavoidable

Let it go
Fall into the abyss
Breath deep and regroup

Authors: BW/AW
Copyright: AMW

[Bartleby’s Poetry Corner]

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