Donald Trump and the Loneliness

Donald Trump and the Loneliness

There’s now an ad
I can click on it
and stand with American Pride
by standing with Donald Trump.
That’s now possible.
I need only click on the appropriate icon.

There’s no one to talk to.

Everyone knows that he’s neither wise nor open-hearted.
And his opponent?
Well, she at least
she at least believes
in better and worse
in a chance at together.

Political poems are rarely eternal.
This one won’t be.
I’m too drunk
and lonely.
Those are excuses.

I can’t stop the evil.
Not by myself.
But maybe we can all
all stop it together.
By pushing out from within
while just living
reasonable lives
in our times and places.

Or can only the great God
stop the evil?
And how will great
and necessary
stop this terrible
and shaking

I can’t say
I can’t speak
I can’t find
another way
across the traces.

Just a boy walking up and down
the redbrown dirtroads
in an Arizona mountain town.

Who remembers the stick
my grandmother walked with
after she’d had that dog bite?

Who remembers the softball game,
the spinning arm,
the puffy caps
of Prescott Seniors
after my grandfather had left their fold
but before he lost the energy
to follow their doings?

I kind of remember these things.
I’d stop the evil
if I could
with a wink
and a nod
against the flood.

We’re all alone.
We’re all together.

I miss some people
and the places
where we were.


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